Why is Meeting Minutes Important to an Association?

Why is Meeting Minutes Important to an Association?
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Meeting, an assembly of people for discussion, rarely the least of all the favorite things to do, but a MUST to an organization, an Association, and even to small groups. Taking good meeting minutes at a meeting is an important and fulfilling role, they serve as an official and legal record of the meeting. Minutes of the meeting are used in different ways including track progress, analyzed future plans, and/or serves as a talking point.

Among other things, meeting minutes should reflect a record of motions, votes, and abstentions. Therefore, timely, accurate minutes are essential, especially if decisions are being made about your home and community especially to an Association.

To start with, we will share with you the five must-have key elements that will help upgrade in recording effective minutes for a meeting.

  1. Prepare an Agenda: Make sure that each meeting has a clearly outlined agenda that includes all topics or discussions that required to be reviewed, new intentions and goals whether short and long, issues that need to be addressed, and drops room for topics/proposals/questions and additional items that may be brought up.
  2. Must-Follow a Template: The best way to ensure that all appropriate and required information is included will be to use a standard template. At least, include the time and site of the meeting, members present, and catch the outline of the meeting agenda. All motions need to be noted, and any resultant decisions are included.
  3. Track Motions: It’s already been mentioned, but one of the key requirements of meeting minutes is that they accurately track all motions that are put forth and whether or not they are approved.
  4. Financial Information: One of the most vital aspects of the official business is the review of financial statements. The current balance on any accounts, a review of monthly expenses, and the status of collected fees should be the minimum of what is included. Additional items to discuss may be forthcoming expenses/investments or any apparent owner assessments that may be pending.
  5. Quorum: Is the minimum number of members present to conduct official business and without the requisite number, any meeting held will not be valid. Make sure that a quorum is present. If you’re not sure what sets a quorum for the meeting to call in order for your association, always consult the by-laws, and make certain every meeting satisfies the requirement.

How you detail the discussions during a meeting is as important as making sure to include all of the information. Write a concise narrative of each step taken by the board, for each agenda item, with a short explanation of the basis for their judgment. If there are lengthy arguments, write a brief summary of the major discussions. Record discussions objectively, avoid inflammatory remarks and personal observations. As regarded earlier, minutes are official and legal records of the board meeting.

Put these policies into a custom for your next HOA meeting – and don’t delay to reach out to our team of masters if you have questions or want further information about successful HOA meetings and minutes. Contact US today to find out more!