HOA vs. HOA Management in Boston: What's the Difference?

HOA vs. HOA Management in Boston: What's the Difference?

Are you moving to a neighborhood in Boston that has an HOA? Are you considering joining the HOA board in your community?

If so, you are not alone, considering that there are over 358,000 neighborhoods in the United States with an HOA.

Some of these HOAs choose to use HOA management services to help with HOA operations. However, there are notable differences between an HOA management company and an HOA board.

Read this guide to find out more about some of these key differences.

HOA Board

An HOA board consists of homeowners in the community that wish to have an active part in their HOA. These are usually the people who have stakes in the HOA and make decisions for it on behalf of the community.

Since the HOA board is generally in charge of the HOA, the board typically makes the major decisions for the HOA.

The main thing they decide is what rules and regulations the HOA will have. Examples can be what color homeowners are allowed to paint their house, what the HOA fees are going to be, when quiet hours are, when homeowners have to take their waste bin off of the curve, and what fines will be put in place for violating these rules.

These rules typically benefit curb appeal of the homes in the HOA as well as keep the peace among neighbors.

For example, noise disputes tend to be the most common dispute among neighbors. Having rules put in place specifically about noise can help resolve some of these disputes before they even begin.

HOA Management Services

An HOA management company has a community association manager that will work on behalf of the HOA board. In other words, the management company acts as somewhat of a middleman between the HOA board and the other homeowners in the community.

Most of the tasks delegated to a manager from here are daily tasks. This can be handling complaints made by the neighbors, scheduling vendors to come to the neighborhood to address issues, enforcing the rules put in place by the HOA board, keeping track of the minutes during HOA meetings, and more.

However, an association manager from one of these companies does not just have to be an employee. They tend to have expertise in running HOAs.

They can offer the HOA board consultation on what rules they should have in place, what they should do with their budget, and what might be best for the HOA.

At the end of the day, the HOA board makes the final decisions, but the HOA manager can influence some of these decisions with their expertise.

Receive HOA Services

These are the main differences that you need to be aware of between HOA boards and HOA management services.

An HOA board is in charge of the HOA and makes all of the final decisions for the community. This includes creating rules for the best interest of the community.

A management services company can help you with daily tasks for your HOA.

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